What Creates a Healthy Organization with Keith Ferrazzi

Jun 21, 2020

Catch Eric Edmeades in an interesting conversation with Keith Ferrazzi, a New York Times bestselling author and leadership coach, discuss how work will evolve and how work ethics need to be redefined in the post pandemic era. Keith gives us a sneak peek into his latest book Leading Without Authority, in which he dives deep into the nuances of effective leadership and busts several myths that have pervaded our minds for decades.

So many of us long to land our dream jobs, but miss out on essential steps to getting there. Keith coaches us on key attitudes that ensure we get to do the work we want to through the story of how he landed his first job at Deloitte. Rather than looking for control, young entrepreneurs must lead without authority, and utilize the abundant opportunities that follow to create an extraordinary life.

Rewrite your business formula with Keith and Eric, as they delve into the theory of co-elevation rather than collaboration. Watch this episode of Thrive Time to gain a new perspective on the concepts of leadership, authority, integrity and feedback, and how they all tie into the new world of business as we, instead of going back to work, go forward to work.

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