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This is your chance to battle through any limiting beliefs you might have. You know, the ones that are always whispering away in the back of your head, constantly tricking you into believing you can’t do all you dream of doing.

This is your chance to create real quantum shifts in a way that will allow you to unleash your potential like never before, achieve what you’ve always longed for, and transform your outlook in nearly every area of your life.

This is your chance to change.


What People Are Saying

Thank you Eric Edmeades and Team for an amazing week! It was transformational for me! Especially today. I came out of The Quantum Meditation with so much insight (and a crazy amount of energy) that I cannot imagine I will ever think the same way about my beliefs. Already this afternoon I found myself laughing more than once about a belief that popped into my head. I am the Captain if my ship and my crew is lined up behind me!
Suzanne Bourbeau Colaluca

Event Attendee

An amazing experience!
After working with Eric on 12/15 on a limiting belief connecting a near death experience in my childhood with selling/offering my artwork for sale that had been blocking me for 6 months – I now have my fine art website completed and in review, and it will be ready to launch shortly! YES!!!
Caroline Masters

Event Attendee

My limiting belief is that I am worthless.
Saying this out loud on Wednesday was so difficult. Giving voice to it didn’t make it more powerful though, it made me realise it’s absurd. I’ve made life difficult for myself for so long with this onboard.
I feel different today already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Caroline Bradshaw

Event Attendee

Thank you Eric Edmeades for this time together with ALL of us and those who personally participated and came forth! I truly am grateful to be participating in “Limiting Beliefs Challenge,” as it’s been eye-opening and an amazing addition to my toolbox. Thank you for those who have and who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise, WOW!!! I have felt the energies vibrating within. Thank you
LuAnn Budiselic

Event Attendee