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Eric Edmeades


Relationships and Communication

It could be said that communication is the single most important aspect of successful relationships. If it were said, I would agree with it. Unfortunately it is not said enough, probably because of ineffective communication. Often in our relationships with our spouse, friends or business associates, we are unclear in our communication, and in our…

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Eric On The Set

What an interesting week with some great lessons and reminders for me and, perhaps, you. If you have known or followed me for even a little while you will probably be aware that I enjoy writing both books and screenplays. I completed my first screenplay several years ago but since I was still focused on…

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The Rules of the Game

In my last article I wrote about happiness and the way people construct their rules for achieving or avoiding happiness. Its not what happens its what you do that makes the difference. – W Mitchel Today I have been thinking more about this and have another powerful suggestion relating to managing your state of mind.…

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Happiness OR Happiness

If you know me, or have ever attended or listened to one of my programs, you will know that I am a big fan of happiness. In fact, I believe that happiness really is the best measurement of personal success. While there are many reasons to be happy, it is really our rules that control…

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Confessions of a Phobic Speaker

When I was in high-school I got my first opportunity to speak in front of a group: debating class. I hated it. I did well and our team did well, but it was like physical torture for me.   After school I accepted a job in sales — direct sales — and worked my way…

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Occupy Your Life

In 2011 we learned all about occupying Wall Street and other financial centers — let’s make 2017 the year we occupy our lives.   Occupy your body — take care of your body; feed it lots of what it needs and only a little of what it doesn’t. Use your body — it was made…

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